O'Malley Morning Drop Off and Line Up Procedures!
Due to safety and supervision concerns, all students will line up outside on the playground in the mornings before school.  Each classroom has a designated space for student to line up until the 8:50 a.m. bell rings.  Teachers will pick up students to enter the building.  Outside supervision begins at 8:40 a.m. and goes untill 8:55 a.m.  When the weather is too cold (-10 degrees per school district policy) or stormy, students will be brought in as needed.
   Students can be dropped off starting at 8:40 in the drop off loop, which is around the hockey rink.  If you would like to walk your child into their classroom in the morning, please park in the front parking lot.  We also ask that you sign in at the office prior to going to the classroom.  This is necessary if we need to locate you quickly in the event of an emergency.  The front entrance is designated for our Special Needs buses and parking only.  Please use the bus loop for dropping off students.
   Please keep in mind that teachers have planing time from 8:30a.m. till 8:55 a.m., unless they have morning duty that day.  This is the only time they have to prepare for the day before students arrive.  If you are needing to speak with a teacher please email them the night before.  If you do need to speak with them the morning of, please remember to keep it brief so they can prepare for students day.  
   Thank you for your cooperation with this important matter of safety for our students.
-The O'Malley Staff

O'Malley Daily Schedule


Students Can Start Arriving At School


School Starts 

11:10am - 11:30pm

11:30pm - 11:55pm


Kindergarten Lunch

11:40pm - 12:00pm

12:05pm - 12:25pm

First & Second Grade Lunch 

First & Second Grade Recess 

12:05pm -  12:25pm

12:25pm - 12:50pm

Third & Forth Grade Lunch

Third & Forth Grade Recess 

12:30pm -  12:50pm

12:50pm - 1:15pm

Forth/Fifth, Fifth & fifth/Sixth sixth Grade Lunch

Forth/Fifth, Fifth & fifth/Sixth sixth Grade Recess


End Of School/ Student Pick Up Time


 Office Staff Leave For The Day