Parking Lot Info

Thank you to everyone for using the drop-off/pick-up area - the loop around the hockey rink - and not using the front lot and main doors.  This cuts down on children needing to walk unsupervised in the front parking lot.  Students should not arrive to school prior to 8:40 — because that’s the time our coverage for students begins.  We greatly appreciate your efforts!  Also, please remember that all visitors must sign-in in the office when entering the building.  This policy is in place for the safety and security of your children, and all of us who work in the school.  Also, if you are picking up your child and taking him/her out of the building, please make sure that you stop in the office first and sign your child out.  The office staff will dismiss them from the classroom to come to the office.  As another safety and security measure, this is in place so we know where our students are at all times.

O'Malley School parking lot traffic patter overview